OMF is a company established in Brescia, a city of northern Italy traditionally distinguished by a high industrial concentration and close focus on the mechanical engineering industry.

With over 30 years of experience behind us, we specialise in the machining of precision mechanical components using what we consider to be our strong points – constantly updated machinery, an organisation of industrial type and skilled and helpful personnel able to provide extremely high quality standards.

Thanks to such backing, we present ourselves on the market with the strong desire to provide a top-quality service to customers requiring assembled, turned, milled and ground products. We also carry out heat or galvanic treatments in outsourcing by high-level suppliers.

Production facility

OMF uses the perfectly integrated system of production processes and corporate dynamics of large companies – a system able to manage and favour organization integration in an effective and speedy way, making the most of staff skills and passion.

Thanks to these values, OMF has focused its attention on maximizing efficiency, with the aim of creating a corporate layout which reflects process flow and tends to minimize pointless product and personnel movements.

The result is a clean and flexible company, able to exploit individual talent and passion and turn this into a company strong point.

As we were in 1980