Engine Components – Organization and Data

OMF manufactures and supplies engine components such as shafts, pins, flanges and connecting rods.

All the engine components produced by OMF meet the standards and specific requirements of the various customers and are obtained from materials such as iron castings, cast iron bars, steel mouldings, steel bars, aluminium die-castings, aluminium mouldings.

Engine components are supplied to major customers and are sold directly throughout Europe.

The machining of engine components is carried out using the best machinery available on the market, following all the procedures required to comply with IATF 16949 certification.

The machining of engine components involves the use of machines with certain characteristics such as spindle power, precision and compliance with binding procedures, respecting important characteristics through statistical studies.

  • The machining of engine components involves the use of raw materials purchased from primary qualified suppliers with the typical requirements of the IATF 16949 system.

OMF is a company specialising in the machining of engine components. It has always had a special approach and attention for the latest machining technologies and has made significant investments to provide latest-generation systems and machinery.

OMF designs the entire engine component machining cycle to ensure compliance with the process capabilities required on the various critical dimensions and to be able to obtain statistical controls on the largest possible number of drawing dimensions.

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Machining center area

OMF manufactures mechanical parts to specific customer drawings, with great professional skill and precision, starting with technical development right up to the finished parts. Our major customers are world leaders in the production of piston or screw compressores, car engines and TIER-1 suppliers in the automotive field. Our raw materials are purchased from the best suppliers, and more specifically, bars, pressed or cast pieces, so as to be able to provide end customers with a complete product.

Our strong point lies in the technological potential in which we invest. At industrial level, we manufacture and assemble major mechanical components. We manufacture turned, milled and ground products, which, if required, are treated according to the specifications and requirements of our customers.