Cookie Policy

Different types of cookies exist depending on the characteristics related to duration, origin and purpose:


  • Session cookies which are deleted when you close your browser
  • Persistent cookies which expire on a specific date or after a period of time


  • First-party (or proprietary) cookies sent to your browser directly from the website you are visiting. The domain attribute corresponds to the domain displayed in the address bar.
  • Third-party cookies belonging to domains other than the one shown in the address bar


  • Technical cookies that facilitate browsing and use of the website by the user. They are essential to avoid logging in to all sessions;
  • Statistical cookies keep track of the choices made on the website and your browsing so we and third parties can perform statistical analyses, keeping track of your preferences and your online behaviour and to send personalized messages;
  • Preference cookies to send you advertising messages regarding products similar to those in which you have expressed interest (e.g., showing you the products you have seen on our website when you browse affiliated websites), or allow you to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaign;
  • Advertising cookies create user profiles so that you can see advertisements in line with your preferences as you browse the Internet;
  • Social network cookies – the website also allows some social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to install their own cookies using their own plug-ins. These cookies are managed directly by such third parties and may also be used in order to display advertising messages in line with your preferences on other websites.

Types of cookies used by our website Our website uses both cookies that do not require your consent for their installation, and cookies that we can install only with your prior consent.

  1. Technical cookies (which do NOT require your consent)..
  2. Preference and statistical cookies (which require your CONSENT): iour website also uses cookies that we can install only with your prior consent. Through the website, third-party cookies can also be installed, as long as you expressly consent to their installation.
_utma Google Collects data on the number of times a user has visited the website, as well as dates for the first and most recent visit. Used by Google Analytics. 2 years Statistical
_utmb Google Registers a timestamp with the exact time of when the user accessed the website. Used by Google Analytics to calculate the duration of a website visit. 1 day Statistical
_utmc Google Registers a timestamp with the exact time of when the user leaves the website. Used by Google Analytics to calculate the duration of a website visit. Session Statistical
_utmt Google Used to throttle request rate. 1 day Statistical
_utmz Google Collects data on where the user came from, what search engine was used, what link was clicked and what search term was used. Used by Google Analytics. 6 months Statistical
_icl_current_language Wordpress Saves the user’s preferred language on the website 1 day Preferences
cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessary Wordpress Box for cookie information 1 year Technical
PHPSESSID Wordpress Preserves the user’s statuses on the various website pages Session Technical
wordpress_log ged_in, wordpress_, wordpress_test _cookie  Wordpress Preserves the user’s data for further accesses Session Technical
wp-settings-1, wp-settings-tim e-1  Wordpress Preserves the user’s data for further accesses 1 year Technical

These cookies will only be installed with your consent. For this reason, when you access the website, a special banner is displayed, informing you that

  1. technical, statistical, preference, advertising, social network and third-party cookies are used on the website and that
  2. by closing the banner or continuing to browse by selecting an element of the website outside the banner or accessing another area of the website, the user consents to the use of cookies.

We will keep track of your consent by means of a special technical cookie. This way, we will avoid you having to display the banner on cookies during your subsequent visits to the website; if you decide to delete the technical cookies, remember that we will also lose track of your consent and, therefore, during your next visit the banner on cookies will be displayed again. Of course, you are free to block the installation of profiling cookies (whether statistical, third-party, social, advertising or profiling cookies), or to revoke the consent you initially gave, at any time and without this compromising your ability to visit the website and enjoy its contents.

Support for enabling and disabling cookies

You can delete cookies from your computer’s hard drive at any time. This website may also use video, social media services and content on a non-constant basis, as well as embedded content from other sites or services as necessary.
We invite you to obtain information in this regard directly from each third party.

Further details:

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