Cast iron machining – Grinding

Cast iron machining

OMF performs the machining of cast iron parts using specific machines such as numerical control lathes or machining centres.

Cast iron machining involves the use of machines with certain characteristics such as spindle power and precision.

We are able to machine grey or spheroidal cast iron castings as well as bars.

All these materials are purchased from leading qualified suppliers and permit successfully carrying out cast iron machining operations and avoiding problems of inclusions or porosity during the process.

OMF is a company specialising in cast iron machining. It has always had a special approach and attention for the latest machining technologies and has made significant investments to provide latest-generation systems and machinery.

The company has more than forty years of experience in cast iron machining.

The characteristics of cast iron machining are usually high surface quality and extensive mechanical removal.

Cast iron machining according to our production processes permits obtaining mechanical components which can then be used in various application areas such as automotive and industry in general.

The machining of cast iron is carried out by OMF on spheroidal cast iron or grey cast iron castings with weights up to 25 kg.


OMF performs centre and centreless grinding. It also performs flat-face grinding on all types of steel, cast-iron and stainless steel.

OMF uses the most efficient and innovative systems available on the market and certifies all the materials used in production.


Centres: Max. 290mm diameter – Max. 750mm length
Centreless: Max. 70mm diameter – Max. 250mm length

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