Machining Center – Milling

OMF boasts a large number of four-axis bi-pallet machining centres from the best manufacturers able to work materials such as aluminium, cast iron and steel with extreme precision and efficiency.

All our machining centres are latest generation in terms of both mechanical aspects and numerical controls.

The machining centres present in OMF are purchased from leading manufacturers able to provide qualified technical assistance for routine/special maintenance operations and technical and operational support.

Our machining centres regularly undergo a strict routine and preventive maintenance protocol in order to ensure high efficiency over the years in terms of production and product quality.

The machining centres are constantly monitored from a mechanical viewpoint with accurate statistical controls carried out on the parts produced.

The programming used on the machining centres is in ISO standard logic.

The decision to acquire machining centres of similar type with the possibility of exchanging equipment, tools and programs enables us to achieve extremely versatile and flexible production and also safeguards the customer from any unforeseeable technical failures.

Our machine inventory also includes specific machining centres for machining light alloys and therefore with very high speed performance. We also have specific machining centres for heavy machining operations on mat.

OMF performs milling operations on horizontal and vertical machining centres.

Furthermore, the company uses the most efficient and innovative systems available on the market and certifies all the materials used in production.

OMF is able to machine, by means of millingoperations, all the steel, aluminium, cast-iron and stainless-steel pieces contained within the dimensions of a 500mm * 500mm * 500mm cube, and specializes in milling engine and compressor connecting rods.