Global supplier of mechanical components

OMF has more than fortyfive years experience in the production of customer-designed mechanical components. The destination fields of our components are: automotive, industrial vehicles, hydraulics and compressors.

Thanks to our experience we present ourselves on the market with the strong desire to provide a top-quality service to customers requiring fully finished components from raw material to turned, milled and grinded products in steel, aluminium or castings. We also carry out heat or galvanic treatments in outsourcing by high-level suppliers. 60% of our production is shipped abroad.

Professional skills and precision

OMF manufactures mechanical parts according to specific customer drawings with great professional skills and precision, starting from the technical development up to the finished parts.

Our major customers are worldwide leaders in the production of piston or screw compressors, car engines and TIER-1 suppliers in the automotive field. Our raw materials such as bars, forged or cast pieces are purchased from the best suppliers so as to be able to provide the end customers with a complete product.

Our machinery is constantly updated with a particular focus on automation to meet the highest quality standards required by our customers. Our orientation is on the efficiency of production processes so that we can produce in the most efficient possible way.

Our Mission

Our “mission” is to focus on excellence by means of extremely high quality standards and utmost commitment and flexibility towards our customers, in order to provide them the added value to our products and services that make OMF so well-known and appreciated.

  • Quality is our job
  • Customer satisfaction is our duty
  • Customer loyalty is our future

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